Saturday, April 16, 2011

Diary #2

Today, my sister and I went jogging. It was not that cold but it was very gloomy out because of the rain. I had an ulterior motive on why I wanted to jog though, haha I actually needed to go to Center City to buy some things. Shame on me for using exercise as my excuse to shop. At least I'm hitting two birds with one stone right?

Actually, there was 60% off on swimsuits in Old Navy and it was only for FOUR hours! I had to go!! I bought $90 worth of swimwear and I only paid $35. How awesome is that? Plus, I also had to buy a pack of 'thank you' cards and I thought only Valu Plus has it for cheap. I went there and it was closed and just learned the Dollar Store has it too. I bought all I needed and I'm happy I did not spend a lot.

Afterwards, my sister and I went to my friend's house who is leaving to PH next week :( We had fun and ate a lot of food. Then, our friend's dad drove us home. I think he was driving 200mph in the rain on the highway. I blinked and we were home already. I did not even have time to be scared although it was! I'm so glad school is almost over and I get to do more stuff without worrying for next week :)

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