Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Last day of clinicals... ever.

Today was our last day of clinicals. That means many things.

1. Last day wearing this ugly burgundy scrubs :)

2. Last day cleaning a patient without getting paid :)

3. Last day being a student nurse :)

4. Last day of taking less responsibilities :|

5. Last day spending 8 hours twice a week in the Medical-Respiratory Intensive Care Unit with the most amazing nurses in the hospital :(

It's good and quite sad. The four of us who were chosen to be in the M-RICU prepared a lot of food for the staff because they were so great to us.

They loved us and we love them. The mentors who taught us for 6 weeks became our friends. We looked up to them as role models and someone we, as students, can confide to about the crazy days of being a nursing student and the challenges of being a soon-to-be professional nurse. And they understood us. The mentor-student relationship we created was extraordinary and this experience solidified my decision to be a nurse. I am personally going to miss everyone.

It was an amazing experience. I will never forget my last day of clinical as a student nurse.

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