Friday, April 1, 2011

Diary #1

I originally wanted this blog to be about my personal opinions about various issues and topics, but I think posting a few blabs about my life wouldn't hurt. So.. I'll have these personal blabs once in a while. (FYI, this is my own way to procrastinate, haha. I'm supposed to do work.)

This week was weird and interesting. My clinical rotation has been good so far until Wednesday. Every bit of my body hurt and I had no energy to move or think. It was my fault though. I played racquetball on Tuesday and it drained everything out of me. Yes, it's just racquetball, but I haven't gone to the gym in.. years maybe? I felt so weak especially when I had to lift heavy clients. I was literally like a zombie in clinicals. So, never never again would I play the day before I go to the hospital. I need to build my stamina first.

Anyway, I finished my presentation in one of my classes. Just one more presentation, 3 more exams, and a final revision of a paper and I'm done! The presentation was not bad I thought, but I still hate public speaking so much. Whenever I'm nervous, I tend to talk loud and fast and it's so obvious. And then our class had a discussion about labor unions. It was interesting, annoying and sad. I had lots of opinions, but did not feel like voicing them out.

The most exciting part of this week is that PHILLIES WON on the opening day today!!

Some people may find it weird that I blog. I started blogging in 2005 and yes my old blog is still alive, but I won't reveal it, haha. My posts were so childish and carefree. I enjoy reading the 14-year-old me though. (Some things never changed; I'm still cheesy -_-) I figured it would be really cool to look back to this blog 10 years from now.

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