Thursday, March 15, 2012

A whole mess of a week!

This week pisses me off. Every worst luck had happened to me and all the bad things just keep adding up everyday. First of all, my laptop broke. How it happened? I do not know. One day I was watching "Gone with the Wind,"  and the next day I can't even get to boot it up. Adding to the dilemma, I wasted nearly $250 buying a spare hard drive (including wires and recovery disks) to replace the old, faulty one. I have never opened my laptop and take out parts before and now I have to do it for the first time. I pray I do not break the laptop even more by trying to fix it. All my files were not backed up, which what pisses me most. I guess it was my fault for not buying an external HD when I had the time, but still...

The timing of my laptop breaking is so great because now I cannot even finish my ECCO (which is the most annoying online class I have ever taken) during my spare time. I have 4 more modules left and I am planning to finish all of them this week (Thank God I have the week off, the only good thing this week). I can't even do it as planned because my hard drive failed on me when I needed it the most! Now, I am using my sister's laptop to at least finish 1 module. I logged onto my class and lo and behold "Healthstream is under maintenance from 8p to 4a." Uggghhhhh! I can't do it tonight, which is why I am blogging right now

This brings me to probably the most annoying thing that happened this week. The reason why I wanted to finish all my ECCO is so that I can start on my ACLS class. Per manager, I have to finish my ECCO first before ACLS, which is such a waste if time. That ECCO probably takes 3 months to finish. Why is it necessary to finish ECCO before ACLS when taking it at the same time is doable?!? Plus, they have never told me I have to be ACLS certified before I can get off orientation. They, and may I stress it more out, THEY were supposed to sign me up for the April initial ACLS and I trusted them to do it. I waited, waited, and waited. Finally, I decided to sign up for the class myself and then I saw the April class is already full and I am left with the May class.

No big deal, I got in the May class, right? Oh heck, no. That means my orientation is being pushed until May when I want to get off orientation already! I may not be ready but I want to be on my own, handling my own patients without the pressure of having my preceptor watch everything I do.

I just hate setting a schedule for myself and nothing goes as planned. I hate wasting so much time when things can be done NOW. I hate this week for not being so kind to me. I am just really pissed.

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