Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

It's 2012!! Two-zero-one-two and the world has not ended like those crazy predictions!

I decided to list my goals for this year. I believe writing down your goals will help you achieve them. Just a custom I have always followed and have always worked! :) So here are my goals for 2012!! I hope this year won't let me down.

1. Finish my critical care course, get my ACLS, finish my orientation in March and be awesome at my job.
2. Be a good active listener (I am guilty of tuning people out.. a lot.)
3. Act more like an adult.
4. Get my driver's license (I keep putting it off.)
5. Play the guitar again.
6. Read more.
7. Travel!
8. Do something extreme for the summer (I did skydiving last summer, so maybe bungee jumping?)
9. Since Sarah is not here in Philly anymore, find a friend MY age. (It sucks being 20 and all my friends are older than me :| )
10. Buy a house (in God's will)
11. Be myself all the time and not let other change me for the worse.

A pretty achievable list, right? What else did I miss? Lol. Hope everyone has their goals set for the new year too. Happy New Year!

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