Sunday, April 29, 2012

Music fest kind of week.

I am blogging again, yay! I am actually not bored because I am watching the Flyers vs. Devils game on TV right now. I am just in the mood to type something up. So... my whole week has been very fulfilling. I saw three of my favorite musicians in a span of 7 days.

Sam Sparro performed at World Cafe Live last Monday (4/23). To most of you who do not know him, he is an Australian singer-songwriter and his music is basically soul and funk with some electro. He is not quite that big, but he certainly has many followers and gay followers.

Shades of Grey & Black and Gold

This guy's voice is very soulful!!! I really enjoyed his singing. He was so lively on stage too including his two back up singers. I love him!

I also saw Death Cab for Cutie on Wednesday (4/25)! What can I say? It makes me happy when a band sings as good in their records as they are live. This band is popular. Their show was sold out and I don't even think they are mainstream yet.

Death Cab for Cutie with Magik*Magik Orchestra

Finally, after months of wishing for Chiddy Bang to perform in Philly, I saw this tweet:

I had a hard time asking my friends to come with me because it was such a short notice. Nobody seemed to be available on a Saturday night lol. plus I realized that I need more friends who can come with me on these shows. I do not have anyone at work to invite to T_T and my friends are all working now so it's difficult when our schedules do not match. :( Good thing the Alvaro sisters were free that night and they came with me yay!

Chiddy Bang is not very known yet. Yes, because I think in a few years, they will be very big. Just like Wale (wah-lay) who also performed that night, their genre is "alternative hiphop," which is uncommon. For me, their music is fresh, new and embodies the music of the young generation. Everything now is a fusion of all kinds of genre.
Mind Your Manners

Opposite of Adults

Ray Charles


I was ecstatic when I watched the videos because I did not realize he was looking at my camera plenty of times! Oh, a little background about them... Chiddy Bang is a hiphop duo from Philly (more reason to love them).

My work schedule last week was awesome because I was in the PACU, which I absolutely love! That is why I got to attend many shows at night. Do not let this change your opinion about me. I am still that person who enjoys staying at home, watching a game or a movie, chatting with friends on my laptop, but I am a sucker for my favorite bands/artists lol. I just gotta have to see them live. It makes me happy :)

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