Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Work work work and finally 20!

I miss my free times so much! I have been working for almost a month now and it is making me sick already, literally. I go home, browse the internet, and in the middle of chatting with my friends, I just pass out. There are times when I have NO appetite and I always have a huge headache.That has been my life in the past month. Although during my days off, I actually go out, have fun and sleep sleep sleep like a dog. I still feel sick when I think of the work next day.

Work is ok. Not too bad, not too good... just in the middle. I love it and hate it sometimes. I love the work because it's my dream unit but I hate it because I am new. I am not used to the unit, the people, the workload and it gets overwhelming sometimes. I am usually a good multitasker and I work fast, but learning while doing the work is challenging. Plus, there are moments when I just have a mental block! Sometimes I get really tired and then I space out especially during reports and when someone is talking to me, haha. I look dumb, but it is funny though. I just laugh at myself inside.

Uuuggghhhh... LOL I just want to go on a vacation again.

Anyway, I cannot complain much because a lot of good things have happened this year. I graduated college, went skydiving, passed my NCLEX, went to Europe, and got a job... all before I turned 20. A memorable end to my teenage years. Now, I am starting another decade of my life. Turning 20 feels great though. I used to abhor not being a teen, but I realized we all have to grow up at one point.

I just feel like being 20 means more responsibility and man-ing up. I just need to get used to being an adult and overcome any negative mentality.

Sorry this is a rant post, lol.

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