Thursday, October 20, 2011

▶ ▷ Knit-a-Square!

My friend who is from South Africa got me involved in Knit-a-Square (KAS). It is basically a community of people knitting for charity. We knit squares, hence the name, and ship them to South Africa where the other KAS volunteers knit the squares into blankets! The blankets are then given to kids with HIV to keep them warm. KAS hits two birds in one stone by raising awareness of the kids in need and helping them out through knitting squares.

I thought it was really cool especially because I did not know how to knit before I joined this charity work. It is easier to get into the program when you say "Hey, lets knit a square" than "We have to knit a blanket."  Blankets are also considered "taxable" items because they are categorized as a commodity while squares, well, are just squares. Thus, the cost of shipping squares is cheaper than sending blankets, as what my friend have told me.

So, this was a picture of me knitting my first square during the first get-together.

This was us a month later. And yes! I finally finished a square!

It's hiding in the piles of knitted squares, but if you spot the purple square, that is my work, haha. Yay!
My friends in nursing school. I am happy that we still get to see each other after graduating.

I always have fun going to KAS get-togethers. We decided the recent one to be a tea party/KAS get together so I got to drink all kinds of tea. It is not one of those boring meetings where we knit squares for 5 hours like robots. I met new people and had conversations with them. Plus, I feel accomplished because I finally knitted a square! :)

For more information, visit Knit-a Square's website.

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