Sunday, May 1, 2011

▶ ▷ A late post about the Royal Wedding

In this modern day and age, I forgot that monarchies still existed until the wedding of Kate and Prince William. The royal wedding was truly fairy-tale like. A prince and a lady getting married just like in children's stories and Disney movies.
The Official Royal Wedding photographs
The royal couple with royal kids waiting to find their royal match to breed more royalties./FLICKR
I loved how it was very grand and beautiful. Very classy with many royal families I never knew existed in attendance. People were wearing beautiful couture outfits with matching cocktail hats (that only they could pull off). And all I was thinking was, "Wow this is how the rich people roll, huh?"
Lady Gaga?/REUTERS
There was too much media coverage that it can't be ignored even if it's the least of someone's interest especially to those who don't live in England like me. One thing that caught my eye though, aside from the fashion showed in the wedding, was this:
Royal Wedding Cake/GETTY
Now that is beautiful and YUMMY - a multi-layered fruit cake. It was described to be an 8-layered cake consisting of 17 individual fruit cakes. I don't even want to eat and destroy that thing if I ever saw it. The Prince had his own cake too, how greedy lol.
Prince William's royal chocolate cake/FLICKR
Clearly, I am more interested in the aesthetics, clothes and cake than the wedding itself. It was a beautiful and joyous event nonetheless.

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