Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I just graduated woohoo!! I can now have the BSN title next to my name. Hopefully, I pass the NCLEX and add the RN title next to it too.
I survived even though I had some regrets. I'm happy to have graduated with honors considering I did not take nursing school seriously when I first started (as referred to my previous post). I graduated .02 away from a Magna. It is not a big of a deal but that is just a really close gap which bothers me so much. And I exactly know the classes I just brushed off *cough* Intro to Nsg and OB/Peds*cough* One class was just plain boring and the other involving kids was not my cup of tea *le sigh*

My GPA is still good for grad school I hope. The next chapter from now is passing NCLEX and getting a job. Oops no. Here's my itenerary:
 Pass NCLEX Europe trip (booked!)Get a job

Everyone could attest that jobs are a lot harder to get during this recession. Although nursing positions are starting to open up compared to 2009-2010, the job market is still tight. You either have to: 
   1. know someone (connections), 
   2. have previously worked in the hospital, or 
   3. just be super awesome and likeable. 

Many people are stressed over the competitive job market. Luckily, I do not stress over these stuff. I know it makes me sound irresponsible, but I would like to enjoy this break from school especially that I am still young. My plan A is to get a job and I will keep applying.  If I don't get a job, my plan B is to apply to grad school or do pre-med, since nursing is giving me a hard time, lol. There is a solution to everything and I always think positive. I'm just really thankful of now :)

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