Thursday, September 22, 2011

▶ ▷ BB cream - an upcoming trend!

Recently, I have been quite interested with BB creams and I finally bought some this week! But before I show pictures of what I bought, I should enlighten you guys first about BB cream, its meaning, history and use.


BB cream is short for Blemish Balm cream. It is not very popular here in the western countries, but it has been famous in many East Asian and Southeast Asian countries for some time.

Ironically, BB cream's formula originated in Germany. It was invented as a medical skin care regimen post-laser surgery. From its medical use, BB cream became popularized in South Korea and is now widely used for daily facial care.


BB cream serves as a foundation, make-up base, and concealer without damaging your skin. It has moisturizing effects and contains SPF. Some products also contain "extra" healing properties such as anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, skin regeneration, skin tightening, and whitening. Basically, BB cream is an all-in one product that have long term benefits on the skin!

 So, enough of selling this product, lol. I will now show the BB creams I bought from Missha. So if you are interested, go to I highly suggest to follow them on twitter to get updates on their sales.

From L to R: 1. The Style Under Eye Brightener #2 (Natural Beige); 2. M Perfect Cover BB Cream #23 (Natural Beige) 50ml; 3. MISA Cho Bo Yang BB Cream #2 (Calm Beige) 50ml ; 4. M Perfect Cover BB Cream #27 (Honey Beige) 50ml; 5. Free Samples

The eye concealer was just an extra to reach the $40 mark for free shipping. Yes, Missha products are pricey especially the BB creams. The MISA Cho Bo Yang BB Cream 50ml (below) normally costs $45.99. However, it was on sale and I only got it for $9.99! (What did I say about following them on twitter?) ;)

MISA Cho Bo Yang has SPF 30/PA++ and contains three natural ingredients such as Korean Wild Ginseng, Cordyceps Sinensis, Velvet and Pure Gold. (Ok, "pure gold." That explains the price!) It comes in 2 shades - #1 light beige and #2 calm beige.

I could not pass up that sale. I decided to buy the BB cream I have been eye-ing on for a month, the M Perfect BB Cream #27 (Honey Beige) 50ml, to acquire the free shipping. I bought it in its full price ($29.99) though. Luckily, because it was my first registered customer purchase, I got the M Perfect BB Cream #23 (Natural Beige) 50ml for FREE! 

M Perfect BB cream contains whitening, anti-wrinkle, and UV Protection (SPF 42 PA+++)! It also comes in five shades - numbers 13, 21, 23, 27 and 31. (What does SPF and PA+++ mean? Go HERE.)

In summation, I got 3 BB creams for $39.98. I thought that was  HUGE AWESOME DEAL. I also received a free sample of some kind of toner and emulsion. :)

Here are the Missha BB creams swatches I did. Left picture is with flash while the right is with natural lighting.

(OMG, I just realized how hard it is to do these swatches and take pictures of them -____- It literally took me an hour! lol!)

Anyway, as you can see..

  • Missha M Perfect #27 (honey beige) blended well on my skin. The perfect shade for tan-skinned people!
  • Both Missha M Perfect #23 (natural beige) and MISA Cho Bo Yang #2 (calm beige) have the same shade and the grayish tint.
  • However, when I tried #23 on my face, I thought it looked alright and not gray. It probably will show differently if you take pictures with flash. 

I did not magically know #27 will be perfect for my skin so a big thanks to samsilang @ youtube for reviewing the shades #23, #27, and #31. It helped me decide which shade to buy.

On a side note, the BB cream feels really smooth and smells so good!

Although many brands sell BB cream, I chose Missha because it is the only brand which offered a variety of shades (5 shades). Because BB creams are mainly popular in Asian countries, most of the available shades from the other brands are targeted toward the fair, Asian skin. 

My tan self was glad after finding out that Missha released two NEW shades, #27 (honey beige) and #31 (golden beige) for the darker skin types. Smart move as BB creams are starting to enter the international market! Last month, Garnier has launched its own BB cream, the Miracle Skin Perfector Daily All-In-One B.B. Cream. I have yet to check if it is available in Walgreens, lol.

This is probably my first and last post about a cosmetic product, lol. I do not own any make-up. My skin care routine consists of a face wash and a skin cleanser everyday. If I go out, I only use face powder. (Yes, I'm a  noob.)

 I got interested in BB creams after watching Korean dramas where it was referred as the "secret of Korean actresses." It was intriguing because Korean actors/actresses really do have blemish-free skin.

And that's it! I think BB cream is a great choice if you prefer the natural look (like me) and still want a little bit of coverage. It is definitely worth buying!

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