Tuesday, July 5, 2011

▶ ▷ CPR renewal

I have been locking myself in my room since.. I can't even remember. The only times I went out were because of: 1. work which was two weeks ago and, 2. some random bday parties (just once or twice). Other than those, I think you could diagnose me of having "hikikomori." Google it haha. I really think I have that.

Anyway, I went to Jefferson hospital today. That's the third time I went out, not on my own will, but because I have to. My CPR card expires tomorrow, literally. I did not mind going because center city is practically 5 mins away if I take the subway, but the class was freaking 5 - 9PM.

Ugh.. my life after graduation - studying for NCLEX and sitting in a 4 hour class to do compressions. It's a renewal class, not an initial class where we are all bunch of noobs who have never done CPR, so why does it have to take so looooonnnggg!?

Then, I found out it was because we had to watch a lecture DVD. That's new because instructors just used to.. duh.. instruct it that's why they are there getting paid. Anyway, the instructors felt our pain so they fast forwarded some parts in the DVD. Why? The DVD was so repetitive, it wanted us to do actual full sets of compressions (30:2 compressions:ventilation five times) -__- Additionally, the DVD wanted us to do them step by step (eg 5 sets of ONLY compressions, then 5 sets of compressions WITH breaths, then 5 sets with an AED, 5 sets with an infant etc etc.. uhh you get the point.) I was the one about to get a heart attack because it was so tiring!!

Well, because the instructors kinda skipped some parts, we got to leave a early. Oh before that, we also had to demonstrate the "heimlich maneuver" (abdominal thrusts when someone is choking) and this instructor asked me to come in front (I knew he would do that). He asked the class why he chose me. I said because I'm small. Then he said because I was small and good looking LOL *blush* I was flattered but totally embarrassed because the next thing he wanted me to do was do the heimlich maneuver on him (btw, he was a really nice old man so there was no malice there). He wanted to show the class how the DVD did not consider size, height and weight differences. I was small and he was big and chubby so I could not wrap my arms around his gut and save him from choking, lol. So if you weigh >200lbs and choked in front of me, do not expect me to be of any help.

Afterwards, we took a test as usual. I was so motivated  to leave early I answered all 25 questions within 5 minutes (yup, I timed it haha) and even got a 100, lol. I was the first one to leave. I left around 7:45PM. It was ok, better than leaving at 9PM.

That was my day. Now I'm munching on burger and fries. Yes after having a class on CPR, I'm eating unhealthy foods that could send me to cardiac arrest LOL.  I'll blog next time. :)

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