Sunday, August 14, 2011


I should be blogging more since I already have a lot of free time, but certain events have been keeping me occupied. After arriving from our (my mom, sis and I) vacation last week, which I still need to blog, I have been busy catching up with my friends, uploading/organizing a lot of pictures (with a video I still need to edit), dealing with interviews, and internet stuff while neglecting my blog T_T

Anyway, I just finished watching Buzzer Beat, a Japanese drama about basketball, which starred Yamapi  so I thought to dedicate a blog post about him. By the way, Buzzer Beat was a good drama!

Yamshita Tomohisa (山下 智久), aka Yamapi for short, is a talented, versatile and good-looking Japanese actor, hehe.
Yamapi - "Buzzer Beat"
Yamapi - "Code Blue"
Yamapi - "Ashita no Joe"
Yamapi simply pointing.
I have been a fan of this guy for a verryy long time to the point that I will watch a drama as long as he is in it without minding the plot. It is not just an act of fangirlism (maybe a lil bit) because base on experience, every drama he did were always good.

I have seen Nobuta wo Produce, Proposal Daisakusen and the latest, Buzzer Beat. I loved all of them. I haven't gotten around watching Kurosagi, Byakottai and Code Blue, which is long. I will definitely watch his movie Ashita no Joe which will be released on DVD on 08/19!! It is about BOXING - all the more reasons to watch it!!

Yeah.. basically, this is a whole blog post about an actor. I will be forever his fan. I am just in the mood to do lots of kdrama and jdrama marathon (I already have a list!) on top of the animes and mangas on queue. Just my hobby/addiction I feel like sharing as these probably consume  half of the time I spend on the internet :)

[EDIT] I finally watched Ashita no Joe. It was nice, but a little boring at some parts. The slow-mo during the boxing scenes were funny. Nonetheless, watch it if you are an avid fan of Yamapi, haha.

I downloaded the movie + sub here.

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