Friday, March 18, 2011

75-degree weather!

IT'S A NICE DAY IN PHILLY!! The weather was perfect today so I went out with Sarah and we ate at Sang Kee. It was my first time eating in this resto, but I heard good reviews about it. The food was so cheap yet so good. It made me think of all the MSG's in it, but what the hey, it was so GOOOD. My friend knows the waiter so he gave us free drinks (although Sarah did say that he never offered her free stuff until today haha) Anyway, free things are always a plus. :)

I saw a bunch of people I know out today too. I guess everyone was enjoying the weather :)

Moving on.. this is my second blog post after 4 years! (as you could see from my incomprehensible post below) I did not even know my "blogger" (It used to be just "blogspot" until Google decided to buy and rename it too >.>) existed until today. So what made me start blogging again? Simply because of boredom, which has always been the reason behind all my blogs. My last blog post was when I was a senior in high school. Now, I'm a senior in college. I guess all of my senior years are boring then.

Nonetheless, there are still a lot of exciting stuff happening so I will post those later :) Ciaooo!

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